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How It Works

Free Pick Up and Delivery

Our trucks are out and about 5 days a week all over North and Central New Jersey. The way it works is simple. There are designated days in each area we service. Your items will be picked up on your scheduled day and returned 2 days later. We pick up from private homes, office buildings, small businesses and luxury rental communities. Setting up an account is also easy and takes no longer than a few minutes.  

Private Residence

It's easy and quick. Give us a call, email or text and we can go over our schedule in your area and set up a pick up. A few things will be needed: 1. An address 2. Billing information 3. A location where we will pick up from ( a front porch or back door). Its as easy as that.

A personalized garment bag will be returned to you with delivery of your first order.

Office or Small Business
Luxury Resident Buildings

Whether you are a business with 1 person or a firm with over 500 people, we are here to service your cleaning needs. We offer pick up 2, 3 or 4 days a week. For smaller firms, we can use a designated closet to pick up and deliver to or go office to office. For larger offices we can do the same or set up a designated area for employees to come to us. This can be discussed while setting up your companies account.

A personalized garment bag will be returned to each customer you with delivery of your first order.

We proudly service luxury rental communities. Whether there is one resident or many that utilize our service. The service is set up through property management or the resident services manager. Bags are provided, along with sign up forms that are attached to each bag to the leasing office, concierge or management team. Typically we will pick up from the leasing office or concierge. Each building is different and we respect how each management company would like to conduct business.

If you are a resident and would like to set up service directly please reach out and we will be happy to help you.

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